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Truck/Transport Refrigeration – Truck and Transport Refrigeration systems is our specialty.  Aircon Services offers complete installations, servicing, repair services and any part that you may need to fix it yourself.  Our complete servicing for Truck Refrigeration also includes our mobile service.  We’ll come to you and get you repaired quickly, so that you can keep on trucking.

Aircon Services Truck Refrigeration installation services is “One Stop Shopping Experience”.   Our more then 30 years  of experience, lets us design and install your truck refrigeration system from planning to completion, quickly, professionally exactly to your specifications in a cost effective manner.  We not only install refrigeration systems, we take care of all the insulation and lining for both fresh and Frozen applications.  All insulation and linings are done in house and we don’t send your truck away to get insulated.   We even provide customized shelving and racking according to your specifications.  Aircon Service’s  “One Stop Experience” saves you time and money.  Our refrigeration system installations include top refrigeration units from ATC, Carrier, Zanotti, Thermo king and HwaSung.

Automotive Air Conditioning & Heating – Aircon Services offers automotive Air conditioning service, Air Conditioner parts for both factory and aftermarket automotive A/C and Heating systems for both domestic and import vehicles.  If you can’t make it to see us, we can make it to see you with our mobile service and mobile installation services.

Off Road Equipment AC – Aircon Services offers Mobile service & AC system installations for all types of off road equipment from grass cutting equipment and under ground equipment to farm/agricultural tractors to large excavation machinery.

ATC Advanced Temprature Control